Accelerating Blockchain Application
development and making it hassle free

Meant for All - Easy to Use!

Organisations, SMBs, Government

Supports all blockchains

Supports Corda, Hyperledger fabric,
Quorum and more

Caters to most use cases

NFC, QR code/barcode scan,
works offline, much
notifications and more

Modular Architecture on cloud and
on-premise build-deploy-Test-Go live using BLOX

  • Vertical Scaling

    Build Application for any industry use case financial, Insurance, Government, Airlines, Manufacturing Construction, Risk Management and more.

  • Horizontal Scaling

    Blockchain modularized enough that can be referred for any given business process

  • Connect

    Connect to your IT Ecosystem with range of ready connectors

  • DataSource

    Source the information from external data source (be it your IT Ecosystem) through our GetHosted interface

Simple Deploys

Deploys as simple or as structured as you need

Drag and Drop

Build your blockchain App by dragging the fields, forms with optional data source connectivity

Connect your blockchain App

with wide range of conectors and APIs

Auto checks

and compilation

Test your blockchain App

on your mobile or Windows PC

Go-live with a single click

(Publish to your end users)

Your All Blockchain Apps - IN A BOX

See exactly how your build Blockchain APP works live on your phone*/Windows PC. Play around, push data to blockchain, get response (which works offline tool!)

*supports all iOS and Android phones

Code Less, Do More!

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