Obligation issue


Using this API, a party issues an obligation, that it will pay another party.


Input is Provider Id, Integration Key and Entry in the following format:

"ProviderId" = Unique provider ID
"IntegrationKey" = Unique Integration Key
"Id": Unique Entry ID
"FormVersion": Version of form e.g. 1
"UserFirstName" : User's First Name
"UserLastName": User's Last Name
"UserEmail": User's Email
"Latitude": Latitudinal position
"Longitude": Longitudinal position
"StartTime": Date Time Started
"ReceivedTime": Date Time Received
"CompleteTime": Date Time completed
"partyName": Name of party to who will be paid.
"amount": amount of obligation
"currency": currency code e.g. "AUD"
"ProviderId": Unique provider ID
"DSRowId": Unique Row ID


A transaction ID, along with and obligation ID is returned.

Please note, that the obligation ID should be used in the call to Settle Obligation.

Also returned is the amount the issuing party owes the counterparty, and how much has been paid so far.

Example Response

Transaction id 3835FCD05F1010F1DA2D87DB154231BEDB291E1B32616F128E666736134285C7 committed to ledger.

Obligation (e5c7f048-ed73-4ac2-9dfe-abd556cb