Think out of the BOX with BLOX

Think-Build-Test-Disrupt your business process on the BLOX with simple user interface

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Be part of the movement but be cautious!

BLOX enables you to play around with this emerging technology in most in-expensive way with drag 'n' drop feature and plug 'n' play connectors.

  • Focus on your business

    Dont get pulled down into solving never ending technical problems. Just focus on thoughts and design on BLOX

  • Doing an experiment is expensive?

    No need to pay hefly fees to blockchain service provider especially when the things in BLOX are self-serve with heaps of connectors.

  • Simple by default, deeply customizable by design

    BLOX envisage design front end to be simple yet prowerful so that you can change, evolve and disrupt quickly and in most efficient way

  • Supports all industry and government use cases

    Never mind if you have variety of use cases or even if you have not nailed to the level of perfection. Just try on BLOX and see immediate results or value of blockchain

Resurface the innovative in you.

Take your creativity to implementation with BLOX Techbone framework

Rapidly create & Publish blockchain App

Source the information from external source and connect your blockchain App

Users get productive with fast, offline-capable Blockchain App & native device features

Utilize bunch of ready APIs from our warehouse to accelerate the development or BYO API

Get access to our custom connectors which are ready to connect with external system like ERP tools. Source and push data with your Blockchain App.

Scale as you want.
No ceilings or limitations

BLOX runs with your objective:

Capture every kind of use case and data, whether supply chain, trade finance, KYC or simply remittance. BLOX has fields to cater for all types of scenarios such as QR Code/Barcode scan, NFC device connectivity, Geolocation etc.

The Flexibility to evolve as needed - Connect. Test. Explore.

Confused about which blockchain suits best? Why dont you try on BLOX with simple steps

BLOX with ability to connect to all permissioned blockchains provides agnostic view for a user to chose and try on several blockchains.
In case your blockchain is not listed, Please speak to us.